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Set no limit to your imagination

Freedom to print anything, anywhere

Print your messages and 4 colour images directly on the wall. What you can print on the wall is only limited by your imagination. Print on any vertical surface unlimited width. With our printing technology we can print upto 4 meters high and unlimited width in single pass.

Quick n Easy
Quick and no messy processes compared to wall papper or getting it painted on the wall. While the wall paper doesn't last long and looks cheap, getting painted on the wall takes more time, expensive and the outcome depends on the artist. With our Wall Printing technlogy you can have any image of your choice in vibrant 4 colors in a few hours of time. Prins are guaranteed for more than 10 years.

Specially formulated in Germany this Eco-friendly UV ink, durable, plastic-like, odorless vegan ink. Highly pigmented, complies with fire safety regulations.

Long Lasting
Durable and stable for indoor as weel as outdoor. Indoor printing is guaranteed for 10+ years for stability and durability, UV-resistant, scratch-resistant and extreme abrasion-resistant.

Wide choice
Print on a wide variety of media surfaces. There is no limit as long as it is vertical surface. We can prin on Concrete, Plaster, wood, Bricks & Stone, Glass and several other surfaces.

Features of Wall Printing

Award Winning Technology

Innovation Award Winner with 15 patents.

DOD - Printing Process

Drop On Demand-Inkjet vertical print, CMYK, self driving & steered patented platform

Wide Printing Format

1.6m to 4m print height, width unlimited, margins: left/right/top/bottom 6/10/22/14 cm

Variety of Media

Surface can be Plaster, wallpaper, wood, brick, paint, stone, plastic, glass, most tiles and many

Print Performance

185 x 185 dpi, 370 x 370 dpi, 370 x 600 dpi, 370 x 720 dpi. From 0.8 sqm/h to 4 sqm/h according to selected quality

UV Resistant Ink

Specially formulated, odorless WallPen® UV ink 10+ yr indoor with transparent UV coating

Variety of File Formats

TIF, PNG, JPG, BMP or any other image format. Laser sensor for wall preview, upto 10cm head justification for wall irregularities.

Setup & Power

Set up by one person in a few simple steps in minutes. Require 100 – 250V AC, 900W, conventional house connection